Family cross country skiing at Irons Oaks.

Skiing and Snowshoeing

Cross Country Skiing

Try Cross Country Skiing This Winter! Cross Country Skiing…

  • Is a family-friendly exercise based on natural movements, so it is easy to learn.
  • Burns more calories per hour than any other sport, so it is a great way to get fit!
  • Gets you out to enjoy nature’s beauty and is one of the world’s oldest sporting activities.

Cross Country Skiing Rentals

Call for an appointment to pick up. Ski rental is available when there is 4+ inches of snow.

Location: Irons Oaks Main Office
Fee:$10 Lessons – call for an appointment

$10/one-day rental
$15/weekend rental
$30/weekly rental

We have skis for ages 2 to 99.  Sizes are limited, call early.

Click here for Cross Country Ski Rental Request Form


Snowshoe Rentals

Snowshoes are rented daily for $10.

Call 708-481-2330 or email to rent your pair.


Participants are required to sign a standard liability waiver.

Questions? please contact us at