Teacher Resources

Building A Caring Classroom

Based off Laurie Frank’s book “Journey to a Caring Classroom”, this program is designed to help you build a caring environment in your program or classroom. You will learn important resources and activities designed to get participants to work together in a cooperative and caring manner, by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Irons Oaks is an Illinois State Board of Education Certified Provider of CPDUs. Contact Deb Stanfield at 708.481.2330 x1230 for more information.


IDNR Trunks

Irons Oaks is also a lending location for the IDNR Division of Education learning trunks. These trunks can be checked out for use in your classroom.  Trunk topics include Mammals, Aquatics, Invasives, Birds, Fossils, Insect and Spiders, People and Animals from Illinois Past, Prairies, State Symbols, and Amphibians and Reptiles. For more information on the trunks visit the IDNR website.