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Nature Summer Camps

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Adventure Camp! (Ages 10-13)
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Get ready to go on epic adventures, push yourself beyond limits, explore the great outdoors, and make awesome friends. Every week, we’ll go on two exciting trips, have a blast at the swimming pool, learn new outdoor skills, and tackle thrilling challenges together.  $199 R / $234 NR

Nature Kids Camp! (Ages 5-9)
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Welcome to a summer of exploration and enjoyment in the outdoors.  Our caring counselors will foster children’s love of nature as campers engage in natural encounters, meet new friends and discover their inner outsiders.  Trail explorations, outdoor play, hands-on activities, S.T.E.A.M. activities, games and crafts keep campers engaged throughout the summer.  Each week brings a new themed adventure!  Campers must be 5 by September 1.  $189 R / $224 NR


Dates Theme Description
June 3-7  

Get Outdoors!  Register




Get ready to have some fun this summer by exploring the great outdoors! We’ll be doing all sorts of cool things like digging in the dirt and navigating through a maze in the woods. Campers are going to have a blast and find out all the awesome things you can only experience outside.

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June 10-14  

Fun With Nature  Register




This week it’s all about having fun with nature! We’ll be diving into the incredible variety of life on Earth and exploring just how awesome it makes our everyday world.

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June 17-21  

Tall Tails    Register





Stories often use animals and nature as main themes.  We will explore the outdoors through stories and skits get in on the fun of creating our own.  This week includes a visit from some resident animals.  Week highlight is a visit from native Birds of Prey.

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June 24-28  

STEAM Ahead    Register




Explore!  Innovate!  Create!  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math combine for a fabulously fun week at Irons Oaks.  Each day will have something new and exciting for you to try out with hands-on activities that will totally grab your attention!

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July 1-3 Red White and Bluebirds  Register  

Come join us on a super cool exploration of our amazing bird buddies and all the awesome stuff they can do! Let’s find out what exactly makes a bird a bird and how in the world they manage to soar through the sky with such epic speed, agility, and grace.

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July 8-12  

Naturally Artistic   Register



This week, we’re all about observing, exploring, and creating! We’ll be checking out the amazing beauty of nature and getting our artistic juices flowing by making some awesome art inspired by nature.

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July 15-19  

Time Travelers  Register 



Get ready to dive into the awesome connections between the past and the present right here at Irons Oaks and in the surrounding area. We’ve got some super cool history and archeology stuff lined up for our games and activities this week. We’ll also be checking out how nature has shaped our land and created our amazing habitat.  Week highlight a petting zoo of farmyard friends.

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July 22-26  

Water Wonderland    Register



Dive into everything water-related! Get ready to cool off and have a blast with water games, try out cool science experiments with water, go on exciting adventures in the pond and creek, and learn why water is so important for all living beings.

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July 29- August 2  

Where Wild Things Are    Register



This week, you’ll have the chance to learn all about the awesome wildlife we have around here. We’ll be focusing on animals that aren’t usually kept as pets, like foxes, raccoons, deer, coyotes, hawks, frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, salamanders, and chipmunks. Get ready to be amazed as we explore the exciting lives of these creatures all week long!  Week highlight is a visit from local reptiles, amphibians and more.

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August 5-9 Nature’s Carnival   Register  

From giant board games to ice cream parties, the last week of camp is one big nature carnival! Come celebrate with Irons Oaks campers as they revisit all our favorite games and activities throughout the summer, a great end to a great nature camp season.

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