Participants on climbing wall

Outdoor Climbing Wall

Our outdoor climbing wall will push you and makes you want to achieve more, and that’s a skill that’s useful not only on the climbing wall, but in every aspect of your life!

Although the practice of Rock Climbing is essentially you vs. yourself, it can still be regarded as a team sport, because you’re never alone. You’ll either be climbing with a group of friends, school mates, colleagues or family.

The different roles one plays when climbing, build character and leadership skills. Every climber will get the chance to be the student and learn from others, then the teacher sharing that knowledge.

Fee: $130 for two hours | $75 each additional hour (14 people max)

Half Day Program (up to 4 hours)
Teams – $200 R / $305 NR
Teams & Climbing – $305 R / $420 NR

Full Day Program (4 to 8 hours)
Climbing Activity with Teams – $380 R / $575 NR

Group Instructor

Deb Stanfield

Adventure Center Coordinator

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