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Family Field Trips

Keep your family active and united this winter by taking a safe outdoor field trip at Irons Oaks. You and your family will learn, adventure and explore together in the great outdoors. Choose from one of the topics below or let us design something to meet your family’s interests. These activities will rejuvenate both the mind and body. Times are flexible.

Email to set up your time.
Program Length: One-hour
Fee: $30 for up to 4 family members. ($5 per additional family member.)

  • Trivia Hike: Ages 5+ This is the perfect family field trip for families that like hiking and love trivia. We will take your family on a guided walk around Irons Oaks filled with nature fact and fiction. It is your goal to guess which facts are true and which ones are completely made up. The family member with the most right answers in the end wins!
  • Team Building: Ages 5+ Work together to solve challenges and grow as a family. A facilitator will support your team through each of the exciting challenges.
  • Crate Stacking: Ages 3+ This exciting activity unites your family as you encourage each other to stack and climb crates.
  • Ecology Hike: All ages Refresh the mind while exploring the natural wonders of Irons Oaks through a guided nature hike. Enjoy the fresh air, sights and sounds of nature while hiking the forest.
  • Night Hike: Ages 3+ Encourage your family to learn and feel safe in the outdoors after dark. Learn about nocturnal animals and how we can better develop our own senses and awareness of the dark.
  • Senses: Ages 2+ Learn how to hone your senses to become more observant while exploring with your family.
  • Geocaching: Ages 4+ Learn a new treasure hunt activity by exploring the woods for geocaches hidden throughout the forest. This activity requires a mobile device with the Geocaching app
  • Cross Country Skiing or Snow Snowshoeing: Ages 5+ Enjoy the beauty of the winter months by exploring the woods on skis or snowshoes. An instructor will accompany you on your adventure and share the history, different techniques, and the types of equipment along the way.
  • Skiing After Dark: Explore the peaceful, cool, quiet forest after dark on skis.


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